Asus TUF Gaming G501 ATX Mid Tower Case is a top-of-the-line gaming case for the gaming-centric mid tower setup. It features a premium material construction, an ergonomic grip pattern, and an all-metal shell that makes it feel sturdy and secure. The case comes with six hard drive bays and a large volume vent to accommodate your game’s graphics card.

The case is not designed to support SLI or Crossfire, but it will work with any video card you have in your system. It comes with four USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and a single USB 2.0 port.

The gaming case is only available in black and white, but it comes with a red case-back. The case is designed for mid tower setups, so it features two 2.5-inch HDD bays, one 2.5-inch HDD bay and two dual-drive bays, and is a great option for mid-tower setups.

In the new gaming version, the SSD will be housed in the top slot and the HDD in the bottom. This means that you get a bit of “air” between the two drives, which helps prevent your system from “stuck”. In the future, we hope to be able to expand the SSD and HDD bays to make the game more playable, but we are still testing it in this form.

The GPU itself is quite impressive, but it’s a bit unusual for a gaming GPU to feature a second GPU, so the CPU is still the main thing. The graphics options are a quad-core, 2GB of DDR3, and a dual-channel, 800X 600X. We’re also seeing a few other bits of the new motherboard. For instance, we found a USB 3.

The GPU is a dual-core, Intel Atom Z8530, with 2GB of DDR3-1600 and a dual-channel, 800X 600X. For the CPU, we found a quad-core Intel Pentium G4200 with a 2GB of DDR3-1600 and a dual-channel, 800X 600X. We’ve yet to see any other bits of the motherboard.

I’ve been waiting for this case for a long time. Asus has done a great job of making sure their case looks good and fits well, and I suspect that the Tuf Gaming GT501 is going to be quite a beast. I’d just like to mention that we’re playing the GT501 off of a Tuf Gaming motherboard with the Intel Z8745 chipset.

Its name sounds like a game, so its likely a game. We have a few of them in our house and we always get excited when that happens. It’s a nice little thing to be able to play the game at any time, anywhere. In fact, if you play the game on the Tuf Gaming GT501, you might want to make sure you have a fan on the case.

Well, at least I don’t need to explain what the Tuf Gaming logo means. But seriously, if you’ve got a motherboard with a Z8745 chipset, you need a fan on it. And this case might look nice, but it’s not going to kill you. It’s got a few small, fanless LEDs on the side of the case that light up when you’re playing.

Personally, the only reason I played this game on my mid tower case was because of the fanless LEDs. I found it to be an excellent reason to play a game, but if youre not having a fan on that case, that might just be my preference.

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