This is the story of one cent coin. Once upon a time, there was a penny in circulation that had been passed down from generation to generation for many years. The penny had changed hands several times over the centuries and as it did, its legend grew more powerful with each successive owner. It became known by many names: “The Penny of Doom” “The Penny That Brings Misfortune” and even just “One Cent.”

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Some people carried it around for good luck while others avoided touching it because they believed it brought bad luck. One day, the penny was lost by a man named George. He wandered around for days looking for it and soon found himself without friends or money as he could not find his way back to work.

To make matters worse, he also had no food because everyone in town knew about what happened with the unlucky coin so they did not want him coming into their stores. On top of all that, George’s wife left him leaving him completely alone on Christmas Eve (George on Christmas Eve). The next morning when George woke up from sleeping outside under a tree at night cold and hungry- there were four American quarters taped together sitting right beside where his head laid! It made sense now why nobody wanted anything to do with this penny anymore.

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