The Bad News Bears were a group of misfit kids who became friends and won the league championship in the movie, The Bad News Bears. They were also on TV for two seasons in 1979 and 1980. Nowadays, some are still playing baseball while others have moved on to other careers. Let’s take a look at where they are now.

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Alfalfa: Known for his speed, Alfalfa was a catcher and outfielder. He is currently an agent with the Creative Artists Agency in Dallas. -Otis P Jive funk: Otis played left field on the Bears team, but what he always wanted to do was dance! Nowadays he owns Broadway Dance Center in NYC. It’s clear that this dancer doesn’t need any help from anyone when it comes to rhythm eitherĀ  just watch him give baseball player Manny Machado some dance lessons here! Manny got into dancing because of Open Mike Eagle who told him about how fun it could be which you can read more about by clicking right here.

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