Remember when you were a kid and every Halloween night, your parents would let you stay up late to watch the scary movies on TV? You’d be so scared that you’d beg them for days before they finally agreed. You never knew what to expect as the commercial break came on but always hoped for an ad for an ice cream company. That was usually enough to keep watching until it was time for bed.

wolf, predator, canis lupus @ Pixabay

Those commercials reminded us of all those classic horror films from our childhoods that we loved watching with our friends and family while eating some delicious treats! What were some of your favorite scary movies from when you were a kid? Share with us in the comments! Remember When? bad wolves – remember when, The best part about those commercials was that they got to eat ice cream after watching monsters and ghosts on TV. Our parents would always give us an excuse for why we needed dessert or popcorn before bed.

We don’t know how many nights as kids we stayed up past our curfew just because of all those memories made during childhood movie night. But now it seems like Halloween is less about spooky fun and more about trying to be trendy this year with electric purple hair colors, glittery costumes and Snapchat filters galore. 

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