It’s difficult to know what the future will bring, but one thing is for certain: relationships take work. Often people find themselves on the wrong end of a breakup because they didn’t invest enough time in their relationship. Learning how to love and understand yourself can be just as important as learning how to love someone else.

Here are some common reasons why we aren’t together, and what you can do about it:

1) I don’t feel understood by my partner – Feeling like your significant other doesn’t listen or care about you is often grounds for a break up. You should make an effort every day to show them that you appreciate them and want them around.

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2) We have different priorities – Finding out your partner is more into their work than you is often a deal-breaker. The key to maintaining a relationship in this scenario is for each partner to be honest about what they prioritize and then compromise or make sacrifices so that the other person doesn’t feel ignored. If your break up was due to something specific, like cheating or not feeling understood, it’s important to take some time before jumping back into relationships with others. Take some time by yourself first! You’ll find out who you are as an individual without any outside influences and gain valuable insight on how people interact with you when there isn’t anything at stake. So spend some quality single time figuring things out – read those books, watch that TV show – just do whatever makes YOU happy.

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