It’s no secret that social media is an important part of any business. Facebook in particular has become a powerful tool for businesses to use because it allows them to speak directly with their customers and potential customers. But sometimes, even if you’re doing everything right on Facebook, your posts don’t get the engagement you want – which can be frustrating!

That’s why we have compiled 11 ways to help increase the number of likes on your posts so that people are more likely to engage with what you post. Method one: Post at the right time. Do you know when people most frequently visit Facebook? Then it should be no surprise that posts on social media are statistically more likely to get likes if they’re posted between 12-noon and 11 p.m.

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¬†Monday through Friday – with a peak in engagement around lunch time! So post during these times for best results, but don’t forget about weekends either; Saturday mornings from 11am until noon tend to have high levels of engagement as well. Method two: Create quality content. People will see your content even less often if they think it’s not good enough or is boring, which means getting lots of likes requires using interesting language and informative images that attract attention.¬†

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