Aromas of vanilla, honey and caramel greet the nose; notes of brown sugar and a bit of oak are present on the palate. Barbancourt has an oily finish that is full-bodied with some sweetness.

The most expensive rum in the world sells for $800 per bottle. And if you’re not a millionaire, it’s probably out of your price range anyway.

Here are ten options that will cost much less and still give the drinker an outstanding experience: -BrugalĀ 

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This Dominican Republic brand is often considered one of the finest rums on earth with its signature Brugal Extra Viejo taking top honours at many prestigious spirits competitions. The average retail price ranges from about $20-$30.

It has been described as a “crisp clean spirit” which offers aromas of toffee and citrus peel; notes include cinnamon, vanilla bean, nutmeg and clove spice;

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