The year is 2020 and the United States of America has been invaded. It’s not just one country this time- it’s all of them. I’m writing to you from a refugee camp in Canada, where we’ve been told we will be safe until things get back to normal.

The problem is that there are too many refugees coming here and they’re running out of space– so if you want to come here, make sure you bring your own tent!

Hi everyone, my name is Joe Smith and I am an American citizen who was lucky enough to escape the carnage with my family before it was too late.

If you are reading this instead of living through what has become our new reality then please pay attention because it could happen to you. I’m from a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts and I graduated high school in 2019.

My home state is the epitome of Americana: We have historic towns with quaint colonial homes, amazing beaches on Cape Cod Bay and plenty of golf courses for those who like their vacations a little more upscale.

maldives, tropics, tropical @ Pixabay

It’s been my family’s home since 1630 when one of our many ancestors fled England during Cromwell’s Puritan Revolution- so America has always been great for us but times are changing.

Some people think that it was just this last recession that screwed up everything but there are actually three generations responsible for today’s problems which makes me angry because they should know better! 

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