The day was finally here. It had been a long time coming, but the day had finally arrived. I would be meeting Barney and his friends for the first time in person!

I would also be able to see them perform live at their show too. This was going to be an amazing experience that I knew I wouldn’t soon forget. As we approached the theatre, my anticipation grew stronger and stronger as well as my excitement.

children, portrait, siblings @ Pixabay

Finally, we were standing outside of it all ready to go inside where everyone waited eagerly for what lay ahead of us. They were all here waiting for us. I couldn’t believe it! My mouth dropped open in awe as they walked out on the stage and started singing their hit song, “Barney’s Great Adventure”.

The kids were so excited to see them up close and personal. And then my favourite part was when Barney announced that he needed help finding his friends from around the world. You could just feel how much genuine care these children had for each other through this whole experience with such compassion.

They really felt like a family at this moment with love radiating off of everyone onstage.” This is why we go back every year over Thanksgiving vacation because it has become one of our most cherished traditions. 

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