Barney is an adorable but very mischievous bear. He is always playing tricks on people and animals in the forest, which makes for a great set of stories to read with children. One day, he decides that he wants to play his favorite game again: Hide-and-seek! He gets all of his friends together and tells them where they should hide so that he can’t find them.

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But when it’s time to count up how many fingers are showing, Barney realizes something strange.. not a single one of his friends is there! The more he counts up, the more his number goes down.

Having tricked himself into thinking that there are no fingers to show because his friends were hiding their hands from him, Barney realizes how silly of a mistake he’s made and sets out to find them again!

The mischievous bear is back with another set of stories for children. The last time we heard about all the tricks that Barney played on people in the forest; this story focuses on one game- Hide-and-seek!

This time around, Barney has everyone come to play but they can’t hide their thumbs or just get away with hiding somewhere else so it’ll be easier for him to find them.

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