Barney the big brown bear is a favorite of kids and adults alike at the zoo. He’s often seen being his goofy self, playing with rocks or chewing on logs. But how much do you know about this long-time resident?

Read on to find out more about Barney!

On average, bears only live ten years in captivity – so it’s important for us to make sure he has everything he needs while living here at the Zoo. In 2013 we started an enrichment program that encourages him to explore new things by providing food puzzles and toys through our fenceline when possible (like frozen fruit).

bear, brown, wild @ Pixabay

This helps keep his mind active as well as provides mental stimulation from boredom, but don’t worry – if it were up to him, he’d never be bored!

Barney can’t get enough of his favorite things:

Food puzzles and toys. He also enjoys exploring the Zoo during feedings with his caretakers or guests – giving tours is just another way to keep Barney entertained.

And then there’s sleeping in a hammock on top of our giant grizzly bear den tree house; that must surely make it into your list of all-time favorite activities too! 

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