Barq root beer is a delicious, old-fashioned soda that has been around for over 100 years. Produced by the Barq Company in 1893, it was first made to compete with Coca Cola’s popularity. It’s not as easy to find now but there are still some places where you can buy this tasty beverage!

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Where to Buy Barq Root Beer?

In some areas, you can still find this delicious soda at your local grocery store. However, in my area it is very difficult to find due to the lack of demand for an old-fashioned drink like this one. I have found that Amazon has a few options on their website if you’re looking! * **”Barq’s Root Beer 12 Pack – Diet and Regular,” $25.59 USD * “Old Fashioned Soda Variety Mixer Case (24 Bottles Total) – Coca Cola,” $35.99 USD * “Coca-Cola Classic Six Packs Mini Cans Singles Can 24 Count Set of 12 Cases + Bonus Shipping”,”$39.99

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