“Ecstasy” is a word that means “a state of intense happiness, joy, or delight,” and it’s the best way to describe what Barry White has been doing for people ever since he released his first album in 1973. His voice was so smooth and powerful, his lyrics were so romantic, that you could feel an instant connection with him every time he sang. People of all ages have been listening to Barry White since then, and they will continue to listen as long as we have music.

Godfather of Soulful House

Barry White was a singer, songwriter and producer who had such an impact on popular culture that he became the “Godfather of Soulful House,” even though soul music wasn’t what he sang. His voice gave people chills as they listened to him sing his ballads, but it also served as background for some pretty hilarious moments in movies like Animal House or The Blues Brothers. His influence has been felt since before many millennials were born, and will continue long after we’re all gone. He’s one man whose work should be celebrated forever – just ask anyone who’s ever laid down next to him! Not everyone can say they have fond memories of laying down next to Barry White (though if you did

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