“Barry White, what is it that you want?” A voice said. The voice of the man who had been interrupting my thoughts for days now. I thought about my answer and then I spoke: “I don’t know what I want.” The man laughed again and said, “You’re lying to yourself.” I’m lying to myself. I know what I want, but it’s not for me. It can’t be for me. It will never be mine and that makes the desire all the more unbearable because how could someone who has everything ever want anything?

My chest ached at the thought of him with somebody else, but my head told me he was too perfect to last forever. He needed adventure or excitement or something new–someone like her would give him those things while still being enough on his level to make him happy in a predictable way.” But then she left too, so now there is no one in my life worth wanting anymore, which means that nothing matters.” “Barry White,” said Neil

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