Barry’s Do Me A Flavor, a new flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is being released every month for the next year. Each week Barry picks two flavors he wants to create from his favorite bars in an effort to “emulate” what they put into their concoctions.

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10 most popular flavors

This blog post will take you through the 10 most popular flavors that have been created so far! – Cherry Garcia: Combine cherry ice cream with chocolate and then top it off with fudge, cherries, and a cookie swirl. This flavor is inspired by the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia who had been known to enjoy this exact combination in his own home while listening to live concerts.

The process for creating each new flavor begins by picking two favorite bars from over 100 flavors from around the world that Barry has sampled from all across America. Then he starts experimenting on combining different aspects of those flavors into one until he finds just what he’s looking for – an emulation of something that would be found at your local bar! He shares these creations with friends, family, chefs, bartenders or anyone else wanting to try them out

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