Bart Baker is a famous YouTuber who makes parodies of popular videos. His most notable video was the parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off.” He has over 3 million subscribers and he posts on his channel every few days. -He started his channel in 2006 and he has had a YouTube account since 2009. ..content continues here. This is the end of this long form content section, but don’t stop there!

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When I saw the first video on YouTube, it was just Bart’s animated avatar singing about a girl he liked in class. Now there are more than 100 videos of this guy dancing and lip syncing to popular songs from 2017! And his fans can’t get enough of him – they want more !! Bart Baker is hilarious and has such a great sense of humor with all of his videos. He makes me laugh so hard that I have tears coming out my eyes ! His antics are really entertaining and fun to watch! I think this dude might be single-handedly saving America from its deep dark depression by making us laugh again!! 🙂 BTW if you’re wondering where he got

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