Barter is an ancient form of trade. It has been used as a means of payment for centuries, and still holds some relevance in our modern society. Barter can be defined as trading something you have or know how to do with someone who has what you need or want to get. This type of trade doesn’t involve any money; it’s just the exchange of goods. This form of trade is used when an exchange involves two parties that don’t have a common currency.

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For example, if you’re in France and want to buy some gas for your car but can only use Euros, then the owner of the gas station would be willing to sell it to you with barter so that they get something from their country’s money system. This type of trading has taken place since ancient times all across the world and still occurs today.

In recent years there are more people going back into this practice because of the depression – meaning we now face inflation as well as unemployment on top of everything else! A major concern with using barter is determining how much value one item will hold relative to another. The seller

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