Planetary systems are not just a figment of our imagination! It turns out, they are quite common in the universe. In this blog post, we will discuss why planetary systems exist and how many there may be in the Milky Way galaxy. We’ll also talk about what’s next for planetary system research.

earth, space, sunlight @ Pixabay

The planets, moons and other bodies in the solar system are actually located on a flat disk called an orbit. They all orbit around the sun at different distances with some being closer to it than others. In fact, you could even say that they basically “orbit” or travel along this large circular path! This is why planetary systems exist – because of their orbits.

In addition to our own Solar System, there have been many observed stars with confirmed orbiting exoplanets (planetary systems outside Earth’s galaxy). One nearby example is Alpha Centauri Bb which was discovered only last year by astronomers using a telescope powerful enough for such observations: NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler mission. The discovery was made as part of its K

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