Mutations are changes in the DNA sequence that can happen when one or more of the individual building blocks (nucleotides) is altered. We know mutations can lead to physical and intellectual disabilities, but they also have a positive effect on our lives!

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For example, mutations caused by UV light during Earth’s formation may have created some of the molecules necessary for life such as adenine and thymine. -The process of creating life on Earth was a long and complicated one, which is why we see the legacy of mutations in so many different ways. Some people with physical disabilities have been shown to be carriers for genetic disorders that can lead to intellectual disability.

In this way, physical disabilities are actually protective against some mental illness! How cool is that? Research has also found correlations between autism spectrum disorder and changes in genes specific to brain development – more research needs to be done before an accurate link can be determined though a correlation does not equal causation after all.. One thing’s for sure: Mutations exist everywhere around us, whether they’re good or bad! They’ve even helped create new medicines like penicillin because

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