Long Island, by the Author is a novel about life on Long Island in the 1960s. The reader can infer from this description that this novel will be an account of what it was like to live there and explore the area during that time period. * Long Island is a New York State island consisting of the municipalities Nassau County and Suffolk County. * The author grew up on Long Island in the 1960s.

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The reader can also infer that this novel will have some ties to personal experience or history, as it was written by someone who lived there during that time period. They might learn about what life was like for people growing up on Long Island during the 60s, how it has changed over time from then until now, whether historically accurate events occurred at any point while living there and so forth based upon these descriptions. More information would better allow readers to form expectations before reading the book themselves (and potentially be disappointed when they don’t match those expectations). It’ll

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