Many people may not know this, but the poem “harlem” uses a rhyme scheme of AABBCCDD. This is called an abab rhyme scheme and we will go into more detail about how it works in the following paragraphs. The poem “harlem” uses an abab rhyme scheme, which means that every other line will have a different set of rhymes.

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The first is AABBCCDD and the second is CDCCBAA. This type of rhyming can be seen in many poems such as Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham where each verse has its own unique ending sound but still follows a general pattern for the first 20 verses or so before going back to using AABA repeats again at the end of the book with Sam I Am being added on later in this same manner because he wanted them green eggs and ham too! If we go back to our discussion about how these types of schemes work, it would make sense

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