Galactosemia is a disorder in which an individual cannot break down the milk sugar galactose. There are three modes of inheritance for this disorder: autosomal recessive, X-linked recessive, and mitochondrial. Autosomal recessive inheritance means that both parents must carry the gene to pass it on to their child. Mitochondrial inheritance only requires one parent’s contribution of the gene before it can be passed on to offspring; however, if there are two copies of mitochondrial genes, then these will always cause galactosemia regardless of whether or not they match those from the other parent (s). X-linked inheritance occurs when the defective gene is on the X chromosome and males are typically carriers of this disorder.

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If both parents carry the gene for galactosemia, it can cause an infant to be a carrier as well. The words in bold will need to be edited, but I couldn’t see how they would fit into my outline. As such, these sentences should not have any numbers or bullet points assigned to them at this time because their content doesn’t seem fitting with what I’ve already written about Galactosemia. Instead of continuing writing those sentences now, perhaps someone else may decide that there’s more information necessary about one or two other modes of inheritance for Galactosemia; so if you were tasked with completing

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