Individuals and economies are similar in the sense that they both have needs. An economy’s need is to grow- it needs more people to buy goods, make investments, etc. Individuals’ needs are usually more basic: food, water, clothing. This similarity can be seen as positive because individuals and economies need each other for survival. Tags: economics, social studies, writing samples Blog Post Images: (optional) -This is an example of a long form blog post. Subheadings and bulleted points are not necessary to write in your blog posts;

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however they may be helpful for readers who skim content or search through it later. Using an introduction sentence such as “The following will describe the different forms of economic systems that exist.” can help organize what the reader should expect from this section. In free response questions you can also use numbers or bullet points if there’s a particular order you want to present information in. For more check out our How To Guide on Writing Long Form Content With Structure & Subheaders! -Jenna McCoy -Content

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