What is the size of an image? This question has been asked for hundreds of years, and it seems like there’s no definite answer. There are many things that will affect the size of an image: if you’re looking at a mirror, how close to the mirror are you standing, what lens was used to take the picture..it can be hard to find an answer! But we have one here today. We’ll explore just how big your image could get based on where you stand in relation with your mirror.

night photograph, flashlight, ray @ Pixabay

The size of an image is based on the rays drawn above. When you are standing directly in front of a mirror, your eyes see what’s reflected off the glass and forms an “image” that becomes clearer as you walk away from it – this distance would be s′. You might not think about it too much but when you’re close to an object like a TV screen or computer monitor, things become blurry at some point. That blurriness is because there are so many more lines being projected onto each inch of the screen! The further away we stand from our mirrors, and where our images form (s) will affect how blurry they appear which leads to a wider image size for us to look at. This isn’t necessarily

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