The sit-and-reach test is one of the most popular tests for measuring hamstring flexibility. It measures your ability to reach forward and touch a pre-determined point on the ground in front of you, typically after doing two initial stretching exercises. The sitting and reaching test can be used as a strong indicator of lower back health, because people with tight hamstrings are more likely to suffer from lower back pain. If you are wondering how well you would do if this was your first time taking the sit-and-reach test, then take a moment to read through our guide!

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Steps for Taking the Sit-and-Reach Test *Bend your knees and place your toes on a flat, solid surface. Your feet should be at shoulder width apart. You can use a wall or chair as support if you need to.* *Using only one foot (but not both) step forward until the heel of that foot is approximately two inches from the starting point in front of you. The goal here is to try and reach back with your arm so that it touches this second marker without bending any other part of the body.*The scoring system for this test will give points based off how far out they are able to touch before their rear end starts reaching past their toes – but don’t forget about those

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