This is a graph of the data collected from an experiment. The x-axis represents time, and the y-axis represents either cell type or function. What we know so far is that cells are either in one of three states: resting, dividing, or dead. We also know that there are two types of cells: A and B. From this data what do you think might be the most likely function for each cell?

blur, chart, computer @ Pixabay

*Resting cells: These could be the A or B types. Either way, they are resting and not doing much other than just sitting there.*Division Cells: These must be of type A since that is all that we see in this data set with a dividing function. They divide to create another cell in order to keep up population levels.*Dead cells: There is no indication of which type these might be; but the most likely candidate for dead cells would have either been Type B if it was present in large numbers at one point, or both Types A &B if their ratios were different throughout time (i.e., some died off quicker). This experiment has three main things going on: two types of cells –

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