Imagine a world where the atoms in your body are replaced with electrons. This is what happens to all of the atoms in 13c, and there are 15,654,00,00 of them. Testing the Number of Electrons in 13c?

lithium, atom, isolated @ Pixabay

How many electrons are in this amount of 13c?


What are the units of measurement?

Electrons. Why do we care how many electrons there are in 13c? The number of electrons is what determines the equivalent mass and radius for an atom. We can then use these numbers to determine the weight or volume of a sample based on its atomic composition! A sharp eye will notice that this process is essentially determining Avogadro’s constant.
This blog post provides students with one way to test their knowledge about atoms by asking them to estimate how many electrons exist in 13c, which has 15,654,00,00 electron equivalents. This information may come in handy when calculating weights or volumes as it allows you calculate an atom’s equivalent mass.

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