Basement drains are a common problem for homeowners with washrooms in their basements. The water that comes out of your washing machine’s drain and into your basement can cause the floor to get slippery, or overflow and flood the washroom. Preventing this is easy if you know what you’re doing! In this blog post, we will discuss how to prevent a basement drain from overflowing when you are washing clothes. 

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There are two ways that you can prevent a basement drain from overflowing. The first involves placing something like a bucket or crate under the washer to catch any water before it reaches the floor, and the second is by using an anti-overflow device on your machine’s drain hose to divert excess water into a sink, bathtub, outdoor area, etc. if space permits. I hope this post has given you some advice about how to stop your basement drains from overflowing.

If not, feel free to comment below for more information so we can help out as much as possible.  How To Prevent Basement Drains From Overflowing: Tips For Homeowners With Washrooms in Their Bas.

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