Who is Batman? The popular DC superhero who has been entertaining readers for decades.

What makes him stand out from the other superheroes that fought crime in a cape and cowl?

Well, he’s not just some guy with a weird mask on his face. Batman can actually breathe in space! In the 30th century, Batman has a face and it’s not Bruce Wayne. He was born on Daxam into one of its richest families but he had to go into hiding because his home planet is uninhabitable for Earthlings due to lead poisoning in atmosphere caused by their mining operations.

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In other words, this makes him an outsider with two identities – Jacob Kane or Terry Kaldur so that both worlds benefit from his presence. As a superhero, he does everything right by helping people who need protection: “I’m proud to be Gotham City’s protector,” Batman says as he saves someone from being robbed at gunpoint. The most impressive thing about this character is just how versatile he can be when fighting.

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