This is a blog post about Batman. But not the one you expected. You see, this batman is an internet sensation. The only problem with him being so popular and well-known on the internet? He is actually butthead from South Park.

batman, protection, corona @ Pixabay

This is the first sentence of a blog post about Batman. It talks about how he’s not what you expected and originally thought, but actually Butthead from South Park! I’m sure this has been an issue for Batman enthusiasts over the years.

You know, those people who are really into batman? They have to be painstakingly careful when they go online these days or else their favorite superhero will show up on memes all over Facebook. If that didn’t happen already. Tt probably would soon enough because I mean come on, everyone knows Butthead now thanks to the internet. But let me say first off that I love both Batmen. In real life,

Bruce Wayne aka The Dark Knight and digital fanboy icon

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