There are many superheroes in the world, but there is only one batman. The Joker has been on a crime spree and Batman can’t seem to find her anywhere. One day while taking a break from looking for the Joker, he goes out for ice cream with his son Bruce Jr. Suddenly, they see an old lady that looks just like the joker! “I gotta go,” says Batman as he runs off after her. When he finally catches up to her and asks “”Where have you been?”” She replies with “What do you want? I’m not your mom.

batman, halloween, dark @ Pixabay

” Batman’s jaw drops in disbelief. “I’m not your mom?” This realization makes him feel like his whole world has crumbled around him, and he wanders off to ponder this new information. After a while, Batman decides that there must be some logical explanation for why the old lady looks just like the joker.

He seeks out all of her family members until one day at dinner with Bruce Jr., Terry (his wife) , Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon they see an ad on TV about The Joker being found in Coney Island!! It turns out that it was actually Aunt Gertie who had been pretending to be the Joker this entire time! They are so relieved when they find out she is safe because now nobody needs saving.

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