It’s finally time to find out what the Scarecrow has been cooking up for the Dark Knight. The only problem is that he isn’t there, and in his place is Batman Who Laughs. It appears as though Bruce Wayne was too busy being a hero to take care of some business at home, so we’ll have to see how this plays out with him gone.

boy, batman, super heroes @ Pixabay

This is a Batman who laughs. He’s up against the Scarecrow, but he doesn’t seem to be too concerned. I wonder what he has in store for him? It looks like this story will reveal quite a few secrets about Bruce Wayne and his past. Is it possible that there are things even Alfred doesn’t know? The way we learn how deep these roots go back should make for one of the most interesting reads yet.

The book opens with Commissioner Gordon on trial – something you’d think would happen much later in the story. When asked why she betrayed her city, Barbara says “I’m not sorry.” She then tells them where they can find Bruce Wayne before revealing herself as Batgirl.

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