Batman is a hero, but he’s also a villain. The Joker is the most famous arch-nemesis of Batman and has been for decades! Now there’s an even more sinister version of Batman taking over Gotham City this Halloween. This year you can dress up as the Bat-Man who laughs!

batman, lego, egg @ Pixabay

The Bat-Man who laughs has a long black cape, with a green shirt and underwear. This costume is perfect for adults or children! An adult can wear it to be an angry Batman while kids will love seeing the world’s funniest superhero on Halloween night. It takes just minutes to put together this hilarious outfit, so all you need are some accessories like a batarang cut out of paper or plastic cups for his eye lenses -which might as well double as your trick or treat loot bags too! The best part?

You’ll be ready in time for next year when he comes back yet again because that’s how these things work. Be sure not to miss our other costumes including Dark Knight Joker.

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