Batman Who Laughs Funko Pop will be released on December 18th. This is Batman with a twisted, psychotic smile and his eyes have been replaced by white circles.

The figure comes in a black and purple box with the DC logo in red. This new Funko Pop has a very different look than any other Batman figure.

funko, pop, toys @ Pixabay

This is the first time that this character will be available as a pop vinyl, so it could become one of the most popular figures in 2018.

The item is going to retail for $19.99 and should be able to make quite some money if you buy them now – especially since they are becoming rarer by the day!

We can’t wait to add him to our collection! Keep an eye out on my blog or social media page for updates about how he looks once we get him in hand (or from Amazon prime order)!

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