Batman is a comic book superhero who has delighted readers for decades. But what would happen if the Joker had won and Batman was forced to become his servant?

That’s the premise behind The Batman Who Laughs, one of DC Comics’ Dark Nights comics. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing batman wallpaper that features the villain from this terrifying story!

In the Gotham of this world, Bruce Wayne has died. The Joker seized control and turned it into a twisted version of its former self.

mcdonalds, ronald, joker @ Pixabay

Arkham Asylum is now an amusement park called ‘Jokerland,’ all the cops have been replaced by clowns, and every day brings more horrors for Batman to face in his new role as the city’s sadistic overlord’s jester-in-residence.

This batman who laughs wallpaper features one such scene from that story! You can also see preview pages here!

Title: Batman Who Laughs Wallpaper

Description: batman who laughs wallpaper

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