In this article, we explore a new fan theory that claims to prove the Joker is actually Bayonetta’s son. The author discusses what it would mean if this was true and explores the evidence in favor of the theory.

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Bayonetta – This is a *strong* claim.

Bayonetta’s son? That seems unlikely, but we’ll explore the evidence and see what it can tell us about Joker!

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First of all, while researching for this article I found that in Batman. Noel by Greg Rucka – which takes place before “The Killing Joke” – Bruce Wayne discovers he has another brother named Richard John Grayson (spelt as Dick) who was also adopted out to Pentecostal preacher parents.

The name Dick Grayson sounds similar to Edward Nigma or Eddie Nygma from Arkham Asylum where they are both characters with an obsession over riddles and puzzles. In addition, there is no information on why this character left Gotham City.

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