In this blog post, we will talk about where you are and how to get there. We will also discuss the different types of locations that exist in our world.

First, let’s start with a definition:

For many people, the word “location” is synonymous with GPS coordinates or longitude and latitude coordinates. These two coordinate systems are used by GPS devices as well as Google Maps to map out your location on Earth.

However, these two coordinate systems only represent one type of location – geographic coordinates!

There are actually four types of locations that can be defined:

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Geographic (GPS),

Geodetic (longitude and latitude),

Geocentric (latitude and longitude) as well asĀ 


Read more below to find out more about each one.

Type of Location: Geographic (GPS)

Description: GPS coordinates represent the latitude and longitude at which a device is located on Earth’s surface.

This type of location can be used to determine your current address, pinpoint where you are standing while you’re hiking in Alaska or let someone know that this restaurant has good pizza!

It doesn’t matter how high up you go – if there’s a satellite overhead with a receiver turned on then it will always be able to tell you what your location is within feet, meters or kilometres. How do I get my geographic coordinates? There are plenty of ways to generate GPS coordinates for yourself; here are just some examples.

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