Are you new to Black Desert Online? Do you want to know more about the game and be able to dominate in-game? If so, then this guide is for you!

This article will provide tips, tricks, and beginner’s knowledge that will help get you started on your adventure. From getting a camel to making gold – we’ve got it all!

morocco, camel, desert @ Pixabay

Tricks to Help You Get Started:

– Start with a Horse + Saddle combo instead of buying a camel. This is because you will need more saddle slots for your horse than the amount needed for camels and horses can also help defend against thieves at night.

– After level 20, don’t worry too much about upgrading weapons or armour focus on gathering resources like ores, herbs, wood etc. Once you have all the raw materials necessary to craft high-quality items in bulk then it’s worth spending some time crafting up these high-value goods!

Crafting requires stamina which refreshes over time so there’s no rush if you want to take that extra step towards making gold. Just try not to go out looking for battles.

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