The accuracy stat in Black Desert Online is what determines how accurate your attacks are. As you get more accuracy, the chance of missing an attack decreases and the chance to do critical hits increases.

This means that higher levels of accuracy will result in more damage dealt per second, which is great for players who want their character to deal as much damage as possible!

Enable Critical Hits: When the accuracy is high enough, your attacks will always deal with critical hits. This means you’ll do more damage per second and take less time to kill enemies!

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KO vs Knockdown: If an attack has a chance of knocking down or KOing an enemy but there’s not enough accuracy for it to work reliably, then that attack can be used as if it was supposed to knock them down/kill instead.

For example, if someone were using a blunt weapon they don’t have much experience with yet, attacking monsters could result in them getting knocked over by the monster without any way of defending themselves. 

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