Bdo where to get rough stone is a rare material that can only be obtained through trading. You will need the following:

– 1x Rough Stone Fragment, which you can get by breaking off a piece of the Big Rock in the middle of your map (Pets cannot break rocks).

– 1x Copper Ore, which you can find on any mine node or buy from NPC vendors.

– 10x Gold Ingot, which is crafted by combining 5 Iron Ingots and 3 Gold Ores.

Number: N/A Bullet:

stone, push, overcoming @ Pixabay

– You will need to have a Big Rock in the middle of your map. Pets cannot break this rock, so you can’t use them.

– Copper Ore is found on any mine node or bought from vendors for 20K silver each. Gold Ingot is crafted by combining Iron and Gold Ores, with a total cost of 70k silver.”

” They can also be purchased at NPC shops for 95 copper ingots per gold ingot (at around level 30).

– Rough Stone Fragments drop 75% of the time when breaking off pieces from Big Rocks using pets (or 50% if it’s broken off without pets) as well as a 25% chance

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