A game that kids are playing these days is an online multiplayer game called “Overwatch.” It’s a team-based first-person shooter with numerous different characters to choose from.

One of the teams you can be on is the Ugly Team, where everyone has ugly looking skins and it’s generally not fun to play as them.

The other team is the Pretty Team, which has all of the cool skins and makes for more interesting gameplay. But what happens when someone on your pretty team calls you ugly?

This article discusses some strategies for dealing with this problem in middle school overwatch.

bastion overwatch vinyl, toy, figurine @ Pixabay

Rationale: This article will teach kids how to deal with hurtful words in overwatch.

How-To Tip One: Consider changing teams, or playing a game without teammates so you can’t have someone on your team say anything mean about you;

How-To Tip Two: Try and find the humour of it all by laughing at what they’ve said to make them feel like an idiot for not realizing that their insult doesn’t bother you because it’s just a video game. They’re just trying to get under your skin!

Controversy: Some parents are concerned that kids don’t know how sensitive these topics can be based on online games played during school hours. Maybe middle schools should allow students only to play.

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