It’s hard to know who you can trust in this day and age. We all have a friend or two that has betrayed us at one point or another, but it’s usually not too bad because they really were just trying to help. You might be thinking “oh, I won’t do anything for my friends,” but here are three reasons why you should always think twice before helping them out: -You’ll feel awful if they don’t take your advice and things turn out badly -They might not appreciate the help -Someone else will offer up their services You never know who will be a better fit for the job. Always give advice, but only if you’re asked first!


(This blog post is about how to tell if your friend needs help) The key here is that often times people are just trying to help and sometimes it’s hard not to feel like they betrayed you when all they did was offer up their services. If one of your friends asks for advice then by all means go ahead and chip in with everything you can think of – after all, what good would any great friend do without giving them some guidance? It doesn’t mean you need to provide every little thing on their list, but contribute as much as possible so whoever ends up helping out won’t

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