I am tired. Tired of feeling like I’m not enough, of not being good enough for myself or others. The beauty in the world is always so close to my fingertips but it feels out of reach and that’s where I need to start: with me. What do you want in 2019? A fresh start? A new perspective on life? Or maybe a new hobby? Whatever it is, I’m here to tell you that your needs are valid and they’re worth pursuing.

woman, girl, blonde hair @ Pixabay

I want those things too – so this year I plan on developing myself in ways that will help me find my footing again: spiritually, mentally, emotionally. And while the process of self-discovery may not be easy or quick (or what we might consider ‘normal’), there is no better time than now to start taking care of ourselves. This means setting goals for yourself and following through with them as best you can; pushing past obstacles when they come up instead of letting them stop us altogether; exploring life outside our comfort zone because if we don’t go out into the world then how do we

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