Have you ever wondered what your dog really thinks about you?

It turns out that dogs can smell a person’s personality, and they have an opinion on the type of person they think their owner is. This article explores the science behind how we develop our personalities, and why dogs are so in tune with who we are. I’m not a scientist or anything, but I know that dogs can sense your personality.

friends, dog, pet @ Pixabay

They’re in tune with who you are, and they have opinions on the type of person they think their owners are. That’s why this article is so interesting – it explores how we develop personalities and what makes us different from our pets.. The personality traits people possess often show up in dog breeds ive had (got) over my lifetime: terriers’ inquisitiveness; dalmatians’ loyalty to family members; shepherds’ herding abilities. Some seem to be more introverted than others – like greyhounds – while others couldn’t care less about being around strangers, such as bulldogs and mastiffs.”

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