Rory Gallagher was one of the most influential guitarists that ever lived. He influenced not only rock musicians, but blues and jazz players as well. One of his songs, “It’s Amazing Where You Can Go With Be Wherever You Are Chords” is a great example of this influence. A lot can be done with just four chords: A major, D minor, E major and G7(D7). Rory Gallagher uses these four chords to create a series of solos in which he weaves an intricate tapestry from them.

The song begins with him using the A chord for two bars while playing off it by adding notes from the D minor chord on occasion before moving into an extended solo using the D minor chord. He then switches to two bars of E major before moving into a G solo which is based on the A and G chords as well, but with more emphasis on the latter. In an interview when asked if he had any advice for young guitarists who wanted to get better, Rory replied that you should “Learn three or four chords”. It’s amazing where something so simple can take you. Excerpt: One such song is “It’s Amazing Where You Can Go With Be Wherever You Are Chords” by Rory Gallagher. The song features only four basic chords–A major, D minor, E major and G(D) seventh (or D-sharp/D

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