This is a blog post about how to be yourself and not who the world wants you to be. The reality of being in this world is that it’s hard enough just trying to find your own identity, let alone trying to satisfy what other people want from you. In today’s society we are all looking for our place in life, but sometimes it can feel like we’re never going to find something or someone who fits us perfectly.

The first step in finding your true self is by figuring out what makes you happy. Figure out what type of person do I want myself and others see me as? It may take some time but don’t give up! You will eventually find your niche if you keep searching for it. This applies not only to your career but also what you do in life. You will eventually find someone who is right for you if you keep searching, even though it may take time and a lot of patience. The next step is by accepting yourself for who are not trying to change or conform to the world’s expectations of how we should be living our lives.

We all need support from other people; that doesn’t mean that they should try and make us like them because then we would never feel happy with ourselves anyway! In order for somebody else to accept us as their friend, partner, family member etc., first we must learn how to love and accept ourselves unconditionally despite any past regrets or mistakes made along the way. Lastly just remember that when it

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