Everyone has had a rough time in their life. When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to believe that things will get better. The first step is learning how to self-help yourself and others. This blog post is full of inspirational advice on how to find happiness through acceptance, self-love

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, and kindness for ourselves and others. I want to help you be who you needed when you were younger. Self-help is really about caring for yourself, because without your health and happiness it’s hard to care for others. I’ll show you how self-care can also indirectly improve the lives of those around us too. In order to love ourselves better first we need a few ingredients: optimism, gratitude, acceptance, compassion & forgiveness – but even with these in our arsenal there are still tough times ahead that will require emotional support from others. And this blog post has plenty of advice on how to offer that kind of support when necessary! The place where all good things come together is at home within ourselves so take time out every day or night if possible and

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