It’s been three months since you and I have broken up. You left me for someone who was more than happy to be with you, but now that we’re apart, I realize how much of a mistake it was. The thing with being in love is that the other person should make us feel wanted and loved. When they want something better, or when they think we deserve something better- that’s when things end. But there are some people out there who will always be proud to have you by their side; those are the people worth sticking around for Finding a person who is proud to have you I don’t know what makes one person want another over time while others just can’t seem to get enough– maybe it has something do with chemistry? Maybe attraction?

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All I know is that being in love with someone who loves you back just feels right. If my grandma were still alive, she would always tell me to be proud of myself and never let anyone tear my self-confidence away from me because it’s something no one else can take from you. I think a person who will make us feel wanted should be the same way; they should also want us for as long as we’re together– not when they need better or find out what better really means to them. I don’t care how many times people say there are plenty of fish in the sea– sometimes all it takes is finding one good catch before adding more bait into the water again. And if this sounds like an emotional plea,

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