Super Why is a children’s television series that teaches lessons through interactive storytelling and songs. The show follows the adventures of four friends, each with their own unique skills: Alpha Pig, Beta Bunny, Gamma Cow and Omega Dog. One day while out exploring in Fairy Tale Land they find themselves face to face with a dragon!

If you’ve seen this episode then you know that it doesn’t end well for our heroes! They are saved by an unlikely hero who helps them escape from the evil dragon who wants to eat them all up.

Who was this heroic person?

It was Alpha Pig! The dragon is really mad because he just wasted all his time and energy on catching them. So what does the Dragon do? He decides to “beat up” Alpha Pig in a fit of rage! But that’s ok, it turns out Beta Bunny has an idea.. We know you can’t wait to see if they succeed or not so come back next week for more Super Why adventures with your favorite friends: Alpha Pig, Beta Bunny, Gamma Cow and Omega Dog. And don’t forget to share this episode with your little ones too – even dragons need some love sometimes. 🙂 So now we’ve seen how brave alpha pig could be when faced with danger but there are other times where he needs

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