Savvy salespeople understand that buyers make decisions in a variety of ways, and they are prepared for it. All too often, though, companies fail to prepare their reps for the decision process that is most likely to occur – either because they don’t know about it or because they think all prospects behave the same way.

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Don’t be caught off guard by these five buyer types:

1) The Informational Buyer; 2) The Reluctant Spender; 3) The Timely Decision Maker; 4) The Approval Seeker; 5) The One-Time Shopper 1. The Informational Buyer This prospect is usually gathering information to make an informed decision and may have found the solution they are looking for. One way you can close this type of buyer early is by providing them with additional solutions that might be better suited to their needs.

Eg: “We also offer custom printed promotional items such as pens, mugs, clothes, or water bottles.” These types of buyers often want someone else’s opinion before moving forward so it’s important not to push too hard on price right away. The best strategy here would be gaining agreement about the merits of your product versus other competitive options then exploring the pricing together.[Bold] A good approach with these prospects is to ask open-

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